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Root Canals

In order to maintain the overall health and functionality of your mouth, root canals are recommended for teeth that have suffered from damaged, diseased, or non-functioning pulp. If you have a cracked tooth or an extremely deep cavity that cannot be treated with a standard filling, a root canal becomes necessary. These situations allow bacteria from the mouth to reach the pulp, leading to potentially harmful infections, swelling, or the deterioration of vital tissue. Ignoring treatment can result in the spread of bacteria to other areas of the mouth and body, with dire consequences.

At 8 Queens Quay Dental Clinic, our dentist completes a thorough examination to inspect the affected tooth. If the bacteria have invaded the innermost part of your tooth, known as the pulp, our dentist would recommend  procedures like tooth extraction or a root canal. A root canal is a dental procedure performed to save a tooth by removing a damaged or inflamed nerve found within the pulp. In some cases the root canal is not recommended and we have to extract the tooth, which is more time consuming, as it involves the placement of an implant to replace the extracted tooth. Our ultimate objective is to restore the natural teeth to a state of optimal health, thereby minimizing the need for further complications and treatments.

Dental Smile

"I recently visited the new dental clinic, and I'm impressed with the modern facilities and friendly staff. The atmosphere is inviting, and the dentist was thorough in explaining procedures. Overall, a positive experience that makes dental care more comfortable. Will definitely recommend people to go for treatment here."

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