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Dental Cleaning, Scaling, & Polishing

Teeth cleaning involves dental scaling and polishing of teeth by the removal of plaque and tartar deposits that have accumulated on the teeth, as well as the smoothing of the tooth surfaces.

This procedure is typically performed as part of a routine cleaning during a visit to the dental clinic. Gum disease often occurs due to the buildup of bacteria, or plaque, on the teeth and beneath the gum line. The most effective way to remove plaque is through daily brushing and flossing. However, there are areas that are difficult to clean thoroughly, and plaque can accumulate and harden into tartar, which cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone.

The accumulation of plaque around the tooth and beneath the gum line can contribute to gum disease. To minimize the risk of gum disease or prevent its progression, your dentist may recommend professional teeth cleaning, known as a scale and polish. This procedure can be performed by either your dentist or a dental hygienist.

Scaling involves the removal of plaque and tartar from the tooth surfaces, using either hand instruments or a vibrating ultrasonic instrument. If there are stains on your teeth, they may also require polishing. Additionally, a fluoride treatment may be applied to strengthen your teeth.

At 8 Queens Quay Dental Clinic, we recommend that individuals undergo scaling 2-3 times per year to maintain optimal oral health.

At the Dentist

"I recently visited the new dental clinic, and I'm impressed with the modern facilities and friendly staff. The atmosphere is inviting, and the dentist was thorough in explaining procedures. Overall, a positive experience that makes dental care more comfortable. Will definitely recommend people to go for treatment here."

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